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5 Ways to Exercise Your Brain


Years ago, people believed their level of intelligence was genetically predetermined, and it was impossible to enhance this trait. Now medical professionals know differently. They’ve learned that it’s possible to exercise the brain to make it smarter.

Here are five ways:

  1. Improve brain power – When brain cells are not used, they tend to operate more slowly, making it difficult to remember things previously known, such as names, phone numbers or passwords.
    You can improve your brain power by:
  • Regularly doing mental exercises that challenge thinking, such as playing brain games or completing word puzzles. (Check out this list of 40 brain apps for your smartphone.)
  • Take time each day for physical exercise and engage your brain during the activity by observing the world around you, recalling memorable experiences or sorting through a problem.
  1. Develop new skills – Reading is an important way to gain knowledge, but developing a new skill is the best way to challenge the brain. Researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas studied 200 older people who participated in a variety of creative activities, such as quilting, photography or learning a new computer application. They compared the results to people of a similar age who engaged only in passive activities, such as watching movies, playing board games or listening to music. They discovered that participants who learned new skills improved their brain power.
  2. Challenge yourself – After learning a new skill, it’s important to keep improving on it. For example, if you enjoy taking pictures, learn how to incorporate the photos into new digital formats.
  3. Engage socially – According to Forbes magazine, social interaction is food for the brain. Grow your brain with positive reinforcement and unexpected surprises.
  4. Limit screen time – Spending a lot of time watching television or reading books and articles on digital devices is a passive activity that allows the brain to disengage. Get out and interact with people.

Learn more by reading Learning A New Skill Works Best To Keep Your Brain Sharp.