Employee Benefits

5 Ways Brokers Can Enhance Benefits Communication


American employers spend billions on employee benefits each year, with the goal of taking care of their employees. Brokers develop special relationships with employers, helping them provide advice on benefits and coverage options. This valuable service helps employers keep workers engaged and satisfied.

  • According to Benz Communications, employees who are very satisfied with their health care benefits are almost four times more likely to be very satisfied at work.
  • A Wells Fargo report shows that more than 80 percent of employers believe benefits programs have the most impact on improving employee engagement and lowering medical costs.

Employee satisfaction is enhanced when employers do a good job communicating benefits choices. Here are five ways brokers can assist:

  1. Identify value of benefits – Employees often focus on their salary, but don’t think about the financial value of their benefits. Help employers create compensation reports to show employees the full dollar value of their jobs.
  2. Organize communications by employee group – Personalize benefits information to reach different age groups, using a mix of communication tools. Popular methods include social media, texts, newsletters, emails and digital messages. Set up online forums where employees can ask questions, receive responses and share feedback about their benefits.
  3. Keep messages simple – Employees often find too many details confusing. Develop easy-to-understand messages and highlight the decisions employees need to make. Create infographics that guide employees through the benefits enrollment process. Prepare diagrams and examples that clearly communicate costs and health care savings.
  4. Send regular benefits reminders – Employees value their benefits, but sometimes they forget to use their coverage, especially preventive care. Ask employees for feedback on benefits, answer questions and provide examples of how they can get the most from their benefits.
  5. Partner with insurance carriers – Insurance representatives can assist in educating employees about benefits plans, providing cost analysis and coverage details. Many carriers also provide communication tools on their websites. For example, Ameritas offers larger groups an online benefits center featuring articles, answers to common questions, as well as narrated recordings that can be shared at enrollment meetings. It also includes plan details and recommendations on how to use benefits.

Employees want coverage, but they also need help in understanding their choices. Review this whitepaper to learn three ways to improve benefits communication.


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