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5 Benefits of Ameritas’ Dental Health Report Card


When taking your vehicle into a repair shop for an oil change or checkup, a report may be created identifying its performance and areas that need attention. Imagine having this same type of information about your oral health. Now it’s possible with Ameritas’ new dental health report card.

Review five benefits:

  1. Personalized – Ameritas dental plan members with 12 months or more of uninterrupted coverage can access a personalized dental health report card online through their secure member account on ameritas.com (under Account Access).
  2. Expert scoring – The dental report card scoring process was developed in collaboration with the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry and Ameritas.
  3. Scoring process – Report card results are based on claims and procedures submitted during the member’s plan coverage year, which is determined by the dates the policy went into effect and/or was renewed.
  4. Application – Ameritas’ dental health report card is available for individuals and groups with over 300 enrolled members.
  5. Employer reports – Employer groups with over 300 enrolled members can elect to receive a dental health report card showing how their plan members’ dental health rates overall. They also can access information to share with employees to reinforce the value of dental benefits.

Secure online information
Ameritas members and plan administrators can sign up for free access to secure plan information online at ameritas.com (under Account Access).

  • Administrators can enroll, change or drop employee coverage or view policy details.
  • Members can register to receive electronic benefits statements instead of mailed statements, view their insurance certificate, check plan details and learn about value-added services, such as the Rx savings card.
  • Members also can access our dental cost estimator tool that shows what out-of-network general dentists usually charge for dental procedures in their respective ZIP codes. Check out the demo.


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