Employee Benefits

4 Ways to Ensure Employee Benefits Meet Expectations


People define security in different ways. For some, it’s a warm house and a well-paying job. Others find security in a circle of friends and family members they trust. Many employers offer excellent employee benefits so employees feel secure in handling their health needs throughout the year. To ensure you get the coverage expected, review plans in these four areas:

  1. Know the benefits needed – Benefits are designed to help you handle both expected expenses and unexpected experiences. Know the amount of coverage needed by developing a list of common health experiences you and your kids have during the year. Then develop a list of projected needs for the upcoming months, such as orthodontia, prescription eyeglasses, preventive screenings and checkups. Make sure the benefits plans have the coverage you’ll need.
  2. Research the carriers – Each benefits insurance carrier designs plans differently, so it’s important to check plan features, prerequisites and limitations. Ask other employees and friends for feedback on carriers and select those that are known for offering excellent plans, superior customer service and financial stability.
  3. Identify costs – No one likes surprises when they use their benefits. Before enrolling in plans, calculate the amount you’ll pay out of pocket for premiums and copayments. Also review the annual deductible that must be met and the annual maximum coverage limitation.
  4. Use your benefits – Take advantage of preventive screenings and checkups available with your benefits to help maintain good health throughout the year. For example, dental plans typically include checkups and professional teeth cleanings at no or reduced cost. If you anticipate family changes during the year, such as marriage, divorce or new dependents, know when the carriers will accommodate updates to your coverage.

Understanding benefits coverage can be challenging. Review this blog for tips on finding plans to help you take care of your health care needs throughout the year.