Employee Benefits

3 Ways Employers Can Simplify Benefits Communication

understanding benefits

Employees are more likely to enroll in benefits plans if they understand their coverage choices, according to a survey featured in Employee Benefit News. Interestingly, only 33 percent said benefits information was easy to understand. To keep employees engaged with their benefits, and their jobs, employers can simplify benefits communication in three ways:

  1. Strategic plan – Create a communications plan to effectively reach employees:
  • Organize workers by demographic groups, age, position and if they have dependents.
  • List health care needs and concerns for each audience. Gather these details by talking with employees to understand what’s on their minds.
  • Identify communication tools that will help reach each group, such as social media, text messages, informational meetings, newsletters, emails and digital recordings.
  • Create a schedule for distributing benefits information and reminders. Emphasize the value of health care benefits.
  1. Message development – Over half of employees surveyed would prefer a benefits enrollment process that makes it easy to understand plans and choices.
  • Work with your broker and insurance carrier representative to prepare benefits information that breaks down complex details and simplifies coverage choices. Review messages to ensure consistent communication.
  • Create charts and infographics that help employees
    • Compare health insurance costs
    • Evaluate benefits coverage choices
    • Understand the enrollment process
  • Educate employees on the full value of their job by connecting earned salary with benefits costs.
  1. Follow up – Regularly talk with employees about their benefits:
  • Discuss ways to improve benefits communication and define terms that are confusing.
  • Follow up with information that clarifies benefits.
  • Encourage questions and provide simple explanations.
  • Set up appointments for employees to talk with the broker and insurance carrier to review coverage and select the best fit.
  • Provide reminders throughout the year to assist employees in recognizing the value of their benefits and the importance of using their coverage.

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