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3 Ways Benefit Rewards Encourage Employee Savings

employee rewards
employee rewards

Americans are in a financial crisis, with few having saved money for unexpected expenses, job loss or retirement. A Bankrate survey discovered about 18 percent of Americans are not putting money into savings, while 28 percent indicated they save 5 percent or less.

It’s difficult to find extra money each month to put into a savings account. But participating in a health benefits rewards program may be one solution for finding that extra money.
Here are three things to know:

  1. Incentives for healthy habits – Many insurance carriers offer benefit programs designed to encourage employees to take good care of their health. They promote incentive and reward plans that ask employees to participate in preventive care programs that identify potential health issues at an early stage.
  2. Lower health costs by catching illness early – Receiving an early diagnosis of a medical problem means you may have lower health care bills. The treatment process may require less expensive medical procedures, tests, prescriptions and follow-up care. This is money that can be saved or used for other family expenses.
  3. Rewards for low plan use – When employees get regular preventive care and, in turn, stay healthier, they often don’t use their full annual maximum benefit. In these cases, some incentive insurance plans allow employees to set aside, or roll over, some of their unused benefit to use for future care needs.

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