Employee Benefits

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How to Engage Senior Workers During the Great Resignation

Millions of younger employees are leaving their jobs to pursue new work opportunities. As a result, many employers struggle to find new workers to fill open positions. They are unsure how to keep business operations going without the necessary staff. Some companies have opted for hiring gig contract workers to fill critical roles. Often these … Read Full Article

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The Future of Work in a Post-Pandemic World: 3 Tips for Employers

After spending several months dealing with COVID-19, many workers are frustrated and worried. They are looking for employers who can help them cope with all the changes they’ve experienced in work and life. As employees think about the future, many believe work will never be the same. Review three ways employers can help employees deal … Read Full Article

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Benefits Generation X and Millennials Value

There is no question that employees value their health benefits. They rely on these benefits and rewards to help them take care of their medical and daily living needs.  Generation X and millennial employees are the two largest groups of workers in today’s labor force. Although they have different needs, they both want the security … Read Full Article

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27 Common Health Care and Insurance Terms Explained

When reviewing medical or dental insurance benefits, you may notice many unfamiliar terms. Some may be easy to figure out, while others are unclear. To help out, here is an explanation of 27 common health care and insurance terms. Annual limit/maximum A limit set by an insurer or employer-sponsored health benefits plan on the amount … Read Full Article

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Understanding Dental and Vision Coverage in a Medical Plan

Two-for-one promotions sound like good deals, but often one item is good and the second does not quite match up to expectations. It is the same with medical insurance that includes coverage for dental and vision care. Review these five tips to better understand dental and vision coverage in a medical plan. Reputation Make sure … Read Full Article

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Why Offering a Student Loan Debt Payment Benefit Can Engage Millennials

Attracting and keeping talented millennial employees is a challenge for employers in every industry. Research shows that millennials aren’t afraid to switch jobs. Nearly 75% of these workers, born between 1981 and 1996, believe that constantly changing jobs is necessary to advance their careers. About 40% say they’ve held four or more jobs. This turnover … Read Full Article