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How to Provide Benefits to All Employees

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The pandemic has had a significant effect on employees’ stress levels and their health. Many employees now work remotely. Other people who lost their jobs are working part-time or as contract employees. Whatever their job status, all employees want and need health benefits.

Many employers are struggling financially and cannot afford to offer benefits to all workers. But there are alternatives to employer-sponsored benefits that employers can consider.

Essential for employee well-being

Research shows that 85% of part-time employees and 86% of contract workers are using either an individual or family plan to cover medical needs. But what about dental and vision concerns? Many full-time employees have access to employer-sponsored dental and vision coverage. But contract, part-time or retirees aren’t eligible for these plans.

Dental and vision exams are essential for helping part-time and contract employees and retirees stay healthy. During annual exams, the doctor can detect early signs of medical problems that could lead to other health and well-being problems.

Eases budgets

The pandemic is causing economic uncertainties that affect businesses of all sizes. Many employers are reducing budgets to cover only essential costs. Some businesses may decide to offer only high-deductible medical insurance plans to cover basic needs. They also may provide access to voluntary plans for dental and vision.

Another option is for employers to offer individual dental and vision coverage to full-time, part-time and contract employees and retirees. Providing these plans is a huge advantage for employers to find and keep talented workers. It’s also a good way to develop a reputation as an employer of choice.

Stress-free benefit administration

Employee benefits research shows that employees are looking for dental and vision plans that offer cost savings. Nearly 87% also say they are looking for coverage for specific treatments, procedures and services.

Individual insurance enables employers to offer employees the security of dental and vision plans without dipping into their benefits budgets or dealing with benefits administration. With individual dental and vision benefits, employees pay the premium and work directly with the insurance carrier, freeing employers to focus on other employee and customer needs.

Recently, Employee Benefit News talked with Eric Tupper, regional vice president with Ameritas, to learn how employers can provide benefits to all employees. Listen to this podcast to learn more about individual insurance plans.

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