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How to Attract New Employees with Benefits and Rewards

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Employers continually look for talented people to enhance their workforce. But people have many options when considering job opportunities. One of the best ways to attract the employees you want is to offer the benefit programs they value. Review six ideas on how to attract new employees with the right mix of benefits and rewards.

  1. Affordable health care insurance

    One of the first benefits job applicants look for is health insurance. But today’s employees want more than medical coverage. They also expect to find dental and vision insurance included in their benefits packages. And due to inflation, workers look for benefits with affordable premiums, which helps with rising costs.

    Employees with good benefits tend to use their coverage and usually are healthier and happier. In fact, researchers found that healthy employees are more positive and productive. These good vibes end up supporting your business’s success.

  1. Student loan repayment

    Many employees of all ages owe thousands in student loan debts. It’s a huge burden as they struggle to also pay monthly bills for rent, gas, groceries and health care. Providing a student loan repayment benefit helps employees pay off their loans sooner. So, offering this benefit is an excellent strategy for attracting new employees and keeping them on the job.

  1. Flexible schedules

    Many employees have complex schedules as they juggle responsibilities for work and family. Some also are pursuing education and training. People appreciate flexible work schedules and generous paid time off to help ease their responsibilities. This flexibility also improves work-life balance for employees, and they tend to be more efficient and productive. As a result, employees are more satisfied with their work because they appreciate their employers’ care and support.

  1. Well-being programs

    Employees look for various well-being programs to assist them with various needs. They value programs that support their health, fitness and financial wellness. Educate employees about preventive screenings available through their medical, dental and vision benefits. These services often catch medical conditions early, avoiding expensive treatments.

    Also, offer fitness stipends to encourage employees to improve their physical health, such as with a personal trainer or fitness membership. And since many employees worry about finances, workers want assistance in budgeting, saving and making retirement plans.

  1. Professional training

    Provide training and learning opportunities to assist employees in upskilling to expand their knowledge base. Survey employees about training topics and learning experiences they want to pursue. Incorporate these ideas into regular training programs and encourage workers to take advantage of these opportunities. Set up job shadowing experiences to allow workers to explore other jobs and professional interests as well.

  1. Community service

    Many job seekers are interested in working for employers who support community service projects. Designate paid time off hours for employees to volunteer at charities and organizations. This benefit helps employees feel good about giving back to their community.

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