Employee Benefits

For Producers: Help Clients Personalize Dental and Vision Benefits

Ways to help clients personalize dental and vision benefits.

Today’s consumers are accustomed to a personalized shopping experience. Brands they buy from frequently reach out to them suggesting products they might like. This can drive sales by presenting shoppers with additional options.

These consumers also are your clients’ employees. And they’re looking to their employers to offer a similar shopping experience in the form of personalized benefits. Benefits that fit their specific needs and life goals. Because competition for talented workers is growing, it’s vital for your clients to offer the benefits employees want and need.

Especially benefits like dental and vision, which easily can be tailored to fit employees’ (and employers’) needs.

This infographic highlights five questions to ask employees to find out what they expect from their dental and vision plans. Personalized benefits increase employee satisfaction, engagement and retention. It helps you retain clients, too.