Employee Benefits

5 Tips on Finding and Keeping Great Employees

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Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to attract talented workers and keep positions filled. In every industry, there are open jobs. Prospective employees can be selective in accepting an offer. If a job doesn’t match employees’ expectations, they are likely to leave within a short time.
People want to work for employers who care about their employees’ minds and hearts. They want recognition for their work and contributions. Offering the right mix of benefits, perks, programs, and opportunities attracts employees and helps make them want to stay.
Download this infographic to review these five tips to find and keep great employees:

  1. Engage employees in meaningful work – Most businesses struggle to get employees invested in their jobs. Statistics show that the cost of replacing a talented worker is 213 percent of the cost of one year’s salary.
  2. Focus on employee satisfaction – The most successful organizations know the value of good employees and go to great lengths to make sure employees are satisfied.
  3. Offer benefits employees value – Most employers keep up with industry changes by offering competitive compensation and work experiences. But they often lag behind in updating their benefits packages. Give employees the benefits they value.
  4. Invest in benefits communication – Employee benefits now account for 30 percent of employers’ total compensation spending. Design a communication strategy to help employees understand and use their benefits.
  5. Prepare for workforce changes – By 2025, about 75 percent of the workforce will be composed of younger employees. In some industries, four or five generations will be working together. Employers need a plan to connect employees and manage their different work styles.