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4 Ways Employee Benefits Create Security

Two male workers talking about how employee benefits create security.

Employees are looking for jobs where they receive benefits that help with their personal and professional goals. So employers competing for top talent will find it easier to attract and keep great workers if they offer benefits employees value, such as medical, dental and vision coverage. These benefits do a lot more than provide insurance coverage. They help keep workers happier, healthier and more satisfied.

Here are four ways that employee benefits create security.

Eases employee stress and worries

Employers concerned about the welfare of their employees offer the best health benefits and perks possible. These benefits can be tailored to help workers take care of their personal and family needs. The right mix of benefits will ease employee stress and worry about not being able to afford unplanned medical costs. Workers will feel more secure and are better able to focus on their work.

Enhances work culture

Financial security is important to all employees, but especially for younger Generation Z workers. They value benefits that provide financial security, but younger workers also want to work for employers with employees of diverse backgrounds. Employers who focus on employee financial well-being and offer a mix of the right health benefits will attract a pool of talented, diversified workers.

Keeps employees engaged

Towers Watson research discovered job security is a primary reason many employees are attracted to an employer. Quality work and a great benefits package help keep them on the job. According to U.S. News and World Report, employees who are satisfied with their benefits also are likely to be more engaged and satisfied with their work.

Maintains healthy employees

Healthy employees tend to be more secure. Employers can help workers by encouraging employees to make healthy life choices for the long term. Communicate with employees about their benefits throughout the year and encourage them to use preventive features to maintain good health. Learn more about employee well-being by watching this video.

Explore the security and value of offering dental and vision benefits.


Virgin Pulse 
Human Resource Executive