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Help Workers Retain Employee Benefit Incentives in the Pandemic

Employees love earning rewards and incentives, especially when it comes to their dental health. Many employees earn these benefits annually by taking care of their teeth and meeting reward requirements. But due to COVID-19, many employees are losing out on earned rewards and incentives, because they can’t visit the dentist. Here’s how to help workers retain employee benefit incentives in the pandemic.


Employees like receiving rewards for taking care of their health. Some businesses offer perks or monetary incentives to encourage employees to maintain good oral health and well-being. These value-added programs help keep employees healthy and engaged at work.

Some dental carriers also offer rewards to employees who see the dentist each year, but don’t use much of their benefit, because they take care of their teeth and gums. The reward comes in the form of a carryover amount that can be applied to future dental claims. It means employees could have more to spend the next year on dental claims. Some carriers allow employees to devote a portion of their rewards toward other insurance benefits, too, such as new eyeglasses. Without benefit incentives, most dental plans reset each year with no increase in the annual maximum benefit.

Help employees earn rewards for maintaining good oral health by reviewing Ameritas’ Dental Rewards® program.


Due to community restrictions or lockdowns during the pandemic, employees have worked from home with limited access to the outside world. Many dental offices were closed, so employees could not see the dentist for their annual exam and professional cleaning. When some cities opened up and dental offices started serving patients, many employees were concerned about maintaining social distancing in the dental office. But dental offices are some of the safest places to be right now. Encourage employees to contact their dental office and ask about safety protocols. It may put their minds at ease.

To help employees take advantage of their earned rewards and incentives, dental insurance carriers and dental providers may extend benefits into the next year. This way, employees are not penalized for not visiting the dentist during the pandemic. And, employees can keep the benefits they’ve already earned.

Oral health

If employees have dental needs, it’s essential that they not put them off. Encourage workers to contact their dentist’s office about scheduling a teledentistry appointment. They can video chat with the dentist to discuss their oral health concerns. The dentist will ask questions to understand problems, and give advice or treatment options. The dentist also may ask for photos of problem areas. Of course, a teledentistry appointment is not an option for in-person procedures, such as a cleaning, filling or crown. Learn more about teledentistry appointments.

Most employees probably brush and floss their teeth daily. But they still need dental insurance to help pay for the cost of annual exams, X-rays, professional cleanings, and other necessary procedures that may arise. Dental insurance plans cover procedures and offer incentives in different ways. Review these eight tips to help workers find the right dental plan.


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