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4 Ways to Help Employees with Benefits Open Enrollment

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Most employers offer an annual benefits enrollment period when employees can review insurance coverage options and select plans for the coming year. Workers typically choose single or family plans to cover medical, dental and vision needs. However, as life changes, employees may need to update their benefits coverage due to marriage, birth, adoption, divorce or death.

Since many employees work on a remote or hybrid schedule, employers need to invest resources to catch workers’ attention when it comes to benefits. It’s vital to clearly communicate participation requirements, benefits options and enrollment deadlines. Review four ways to help employees with benefits open enrollment.

  1. Design a benefits guide

    Prepare a benefits guide identifying available options, coverage levels, costs and participation requirements. Post this information internally on the secure company intranet and benefits platform. Many businesses used QR codes to share information with customers during the pandemic. As a result, most employees understand this format, so this technology could be used to share open enrollment information.

  1. Create an open enrollment benefits overview

    Develop a simple one-page infographic outlining the steps for enrollment. Explain who is eligible for open enrollment and the dates when benefits changes can be made. Let employees know how to make benefits changes, such as securely online or by contacting the company’s benefits administrator.

  1. Develop a communications strategy

    Identify messages to share with each demographic group. Talk with employees in each group to understand their concerns and questions. Write messages that will capture their interest and educate workers about their benefits. Start communicating information several weeks before open enrollment so employees understand how to enroll in and update their benefits.

  1. Share benefits tips and updates

    Each month or so throughout the year, use a mix of communication tools to share information about open enrollment. Send detailed information via email campaigns. Then extend the reach through videos, posters and in-person and online chats. Include charts explaining benefits costs, savings and real-life examples from employees on how they use their benefits coverage. Follow up with employees to get feedback on benefits choices and communication methods. Adopt their ideas to improve the open enrollment process.

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