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4 Reasons to Hire Boomerang Employees

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Businesses today are facing new hiring experiences. While many workers leave as part of the Great Resignation, many other former employees return. They’re called boomerang employees.

Employees leave jobs for various reasons, such as a move, family changes or a new job opportunity. But after being away for several years, boomerang employees are interested in returning.
Boomerang employees can bring years of expertise to your business, but some companies wonder if it’s a good idea to rehire former workers. If the employee left on good terms, it is a great idea. Here are four reasons to hire boomerang employees.

  1. Positive attitude

    Many boomerang employees probably left your company to pursue other opportunities, such as a better salary, benefits or professional growth opportunities.
    However, while working for another company, former employees realized the value of the benefits and job experiences they received from your company. So, when your business has job openings, they may want to boomerang back to your company.
    Boomerang employees are like family who return after being away for several years. (Business experts say that it’s unlikely that employees would return if they were dissatisfied.) They join your team with positive attitudes, and they want to help you succeed.
    Show boomerang employees that you appreciate their commitment to your business by offering a competitive salary and benefits they value. Review five tips on designing the best benefits package.

  1. Reliable

    Boomerang employees know all the pros and cons of your business and still want to work for your company. Business experts say boomerang employees tend to be more reliable and satisfied with their work. They’ll immediately contribute to the success of your business. And they can boost the morale of your current workforce by sharing how your company has improved since they left and the reasons they returned.

  1. Competitive advantage

    Boomerang employees have a wealth of knowledge about your business. They’ll combine what they know with the experiences they’ve learned from other employers.

    Returning workers can jump right into helping your company succeed. Instead of spending months training and teaching a new employee, boomerang employees can provide a competitive advantage since you can put them right to work. Even though the business structure and products may have changed since they left, they can readily adapt and build on their existing experiences and knowledge base.

    Take advantage of boomerang employees’ knowledge and skills by having them teach other employees the things they’ve learned. Your company will benefit by having a higher caliber of knowledgeable employees.

  1. Understand customer needs

    When hiring a new employee, it usually takes months for them to understand your business and customer needs. Boomerang employees fit right in. There will be a short learning curve while they become familiar with your new products and changes in business operations. But then they’ll be ready to work to serve your customers and establish new relationships.

While showing appreciation to boomerang employees, invest in your other talented team members, too. Review these ideas on how to keep employees from leaving.

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