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5 Flexible Benefit Choices Employees Value

Every employee in your organization has different needs. So, design a benefits plan that serves the needs of most of your workers. Consider adding voluntary benefits for other desired insurance products, such as critical illness coverage. Voluntary plans are employer-friendly because they do not require an employer contribution (interested employees sign up and pay the … Read Full Article

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How to Attract New Employees with Benefits and Rewards

Employers continually look for talented people to enhance their workforce. But people have many options when considering job opportunities. One of the best ways to attract the employees you want is to offer the benefit programs they value. Review six ideas on how to attract new employees with the right mix of benefits and rewards. … Read Full Article

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6 Tips on How to Design Employee Benefits Packages

Most employers have a lot of information about employees and how they use their benefits. But sometimes, organizing the data into information you can use to make benefits decisions is challenging. Employee benefits require a significant investment of time and money, so employers will want to offer the right mix of benefits with plan features … Read Full Article

Employee Benefits Rewards

4 Ways to Help Employees Save Money with Existing Benefits

Inflation is impacting the prices of goods and services in nearly every industry. More than ever, employees are worried about how rising costs are impacting their budgets and livelihood. Many live paycheck to paycheck, barely able to pay their rising rent, grocery and fuel bills. On top of that, workers are concerned about how they’ll … Read Full Article

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5 Benefits to Attract (and Keep) Employees Returning to Work

As life situations change, people often look for new job opportunities. In the past few years, nearly 47 million people have left the workforce. Some quit to care for their families or pursue additional education and training. Others joined the Great Resignation of employees leaving jobs due to frustrations with their work situation, especially during … Read Full Article

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4 Tips to Offer Benefit Options That Employees Want

Economic changes and rising health care costs are on the minds of employers and employees these days. Employers know that benefits are increasingly important for retaining and recruiting talented workers. But they are worried about how to stretch their benefits budgets to cover ever-increasing costs. And workers are concerned about paying for doctor office co-pays … Read Full Article

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4 Reasons to Hire Boomerang Employees

Businesses today are facing new hiring experiences. While many workers leave as part of the Great Resignation, many other former employees return. They’re called boomerang employees. Employees leave jobs for various reasons, such as a move, family changes or a new job opportunity. But after being away for several years, boomerang employees are interested in … Read Full Article

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5 Tips for Supporting Hybrid and Remote Employees

As businesses plan for the future, many are adopting hybrid work arrangements, giving workers a mix of in-office and remote workdays. A hybrid or fully remote job is attractive to today’s employees, plus it attracts new talent. Keeping and recruiting top employees is a primary concern for American companies. They struggle to compete for workers … Read Full Article

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4 Ways to Help Employees with Benefits Open Enrollment

Most employers offer an annual benefits enrollment period when employees can review insurance coverage options and select plans for the coming year. Workers typically choose single or family plans to cover medical, dental and vision needs. However, as life changes, employees may need to update their benefits coverage due to marriage, birth, adoption, divorce or … Read Full Article

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4 Tips for Managing Employee Benefit Costs

As inflation increases the price of many goods and services, including health care, employers and employees are struggling to stretch their budgets. Most workers expect their employer to provide health benefits. And businesses want to offer the most affordable health plans possible. But they’re unsure how to best use the company’s employee benefits dollars. Review … Read Full Article