Employee Benefits

We understand how important it is for you to provide your employees with the best dental, vision and hearing plans. It’s important to us, too. Whether working with HR directors and benefits administrators, or with brokers and producers—we’re focused on making the complicated world of benefits less complicated and more fulfilling. We invite you to explore our site and find out how we’re doing that every day.

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Helping Employees Deal With Change

In business and life, change is constant. Markets go up and down, companies merge and close, economies struggle, and global issues affect people’s lives. Knowing how to respond to these changes is challenging. Employees especially worry about how these changes will affect their jobs and livelihood. Employers can empower workers and provide reassurance to help … Read Full Article

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What to Know About Student Loans for Financial Aid

Students graduating from high school or junior college often take undergraduate or graduate courses to pursue career goals. However, many need financial aid to pay for their education. Here’s what to know about student loans for financial aid guidance.

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Student Loan Debts Put Life on Hold for Millions of Americans

People with student loans continuously feel stressed and anxious. Often, the monthly payment amount is more than they expected. Nearly 85% of people with student loans say the debt is the biggest stress in their lives. Medical experts say that stress can cause people to feel frustrated, anxious, unfocused, and irritable. One way employers can assist employees … Read Full Article

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How to Balance Financial Challenges and Student Loans in a COVID-19 Economy

Surprised, frustrated, stressed, and worried describe Americans’ responses to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The economic impact of the pandemic has caught many people by surprise. Nearly one-fourth of Americans have filed for unemployment assistance. Financial experts report that even before the pandemic attack, about 49% of Americans were already living paycheck to paycheck. So many people have … Read Full Article

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3 Things to Know About Small Group Health Insurance

Small businesses and self-employed people know health insurance is important. Research shows that if employees have health benefits they value, they are happier and more satisfied. This includes dental and vision coverage. Often, self-employed and small businesses think they can’t afford small group insurance. But they can with the right plan. Here are three things … Read Full Article

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Why Offering a Student Loan Debt Payment Benefit Can Engage Millennials

Attracting and keeping talented millennial employees is a challenge for employers in every industry. Research shows that millennials aren’t afraid to switch jobs. Nearly 75% of these workers, born between 1981 and 1996, believe that constantly changing jobs is necessary to advance their careers. About 40% say they’ve held four or more jobs. This turnover … Read Full Article

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4 Tips for Selecting and Communicating Employee Benefits

When choosing benefits, many employees spend less than 30 minutes reviewing their options. Many workers say they don’t understand their choices or how the benefits offered will meet their needs. Employers should invest time in selecting the insurance plans that meet workers’ needs and communicate the value of each benefit throughout the year. Here are … Read Full Article