Affordable Care Act

Tips for Small Businesses Offering Dental Insurance


Many small business owners want to take good care of their employees, by providing insurance benefits that will meet their needs. But they struggle with benefit decisions, including selecting the right plan, balancing costs and understanding purchase options within the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Consider these tips for small business owners interested in offering dental insurance.


  1. Determine employees’ needs – Understand the health needs of employees and their family members by asking for feedback on preferences for coverage and plan designs, and their health care plan priorities
  2. Evaluate benefit budgets – Determine the budget amount the business and employees have available for insurance benefits, including the out-of-pocket costs employees will need to cover for premiums, deductibles and copays
  3. Understand dental coverage within the ACA – Research demonstrates that employees with dental insurance tend to use their benefits, so it’s important to select the right plan:
    • Make sure you understand the new ACA requirements for small employers, which primarily focuses on pediatric dental needs within the requirement of Essential Health Benefits (EHB) packages, typically for children up to age 19
    • Recognize that dental insurance may be purchased through as a stand-alone plan, or through a public or private exchange
    • Review plan details and educate employees on the differences; check the annual maximum coverage, costs for premiums, copays and deductibles, prerequisites for coverage, percentage at which services are covered, and whether there is a waiting period for major services
  4. Research the insurance carrier providing dental coverage – Carriers that specialize in providing dental benefits can customize plans, design customer service and claims processing systems to match dental services, provide accurate premium costs, and many have a nationwide credentialed provider network

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