Affordable Care Act


Do you REALLY Need Vision Insurance?

Many people may consider deferring the purchase of a vision plan for adult family members in order to save money on monthly premium expenses. With the Affordable Care Act’s requirement of pediatric Essential Health Benefits (which includes vision) for all children under age 19, health professionals are concerned parents will purchase vision coverage for their children, but not for themselves.

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Will the ACA Change Your Dental Insurance?

Health care reform and the ACA will change the face of medical coverage for many Americans. But here’s the good news: You do not need to make any changes to your dental and/or vision plan, and you can keep your current benefits at least until your 2014 renewal.

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Ameritas Introduces Essential Health Benefits Options

The group division of Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. is proud to introduce the pediatric dental Better Benefit, which combines the best of traditional dental insurance and pediatric dental Essential Health Benefits (EHB). Ameritas’ Better Benefit features coverage for the whole family, including state-designated EHB coverage for members under the pediatric age. Members don’t need to … Read Full Article