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Value of Stand-Alone Dental

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Benefit surveys show that people with dental coverage tend to use their benefits.

Employers and employees value their dental benefits. A consumer survey from the National Association of Dental Plans found that dental benefits not only lead to good dental and overall health, but they affect employees’ evaluations of their current and prospective employers. Also, about 99 percent of Americans with dental benefits have coverage separate from their medical policy.

Why are stand-alone dental benefits so popular? Take a look at the advantages of Ameritas stand-alone benefits:

  • Complete family coverage includes adults and children, and cosmetic orthodontia.
  • Nationwide, credentialed dental provider network has more than 402,500 access points.
  • Customize benefits for your and your employees’ specific needs.
  • Dental expertise means specialized products, customer service, claims-paying performance and dental wellness knowledge.
  • Actuarial experts price products accurately so plans maintain long-term financial stability.
  • Sales representatives specialize in dental and know how to fulfill customers’ needs.

The Affordable Care Act introduces something new to health care coverage called Essential Health Benefits. These benefits, offered by medical carriers to individuals and small groups, consist of 10 benefit categories, including pediatric dental and vision benefits for those under age 19.

Some employers may need to purchase certified pediatric dental benefits to meet state regulations. But pediatric dental benefits within a medical plan do not match or replace comprehensive stand-alone dental benefits:

  • Orthodontia coverage is medically necessary only, not cosmetic.
  • Benefits for pediatric dental services may not be paid until the medical deductible is satisfied.
  • Smaller dental provider networks offer fewer dentists for members.
  • Medical plans may only cover services performed by network dentists.
  • Family members could have different insurers and dental providers.

If your medical plan does not offer the pediatric dental benefits you need to meet state requirements, Ameritas has options. Please contact your local Ameritas representative.

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