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Urgent Care Centers Remain Popular Choice

child at doctor's office

The last time you had a minor medical concern, did you take care of the problem at home, go to a hospital emergency department, stop by an urgent care facility, or schedule an appointment with your family doctor?

In recent years, as Americans have struggled with financial issues related to the sluggish economy, employment layoffs and higher costs, many have used over-the-counter medical products to take care of minor health issues or visited an urgent care center. In fact, more than 160 million patients visit an urgent care facility each year. Medical experts predict that the use of urgent care centers will increase under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (health care reform).

Read an article produced by BenefitsPro to learn more about this growing trend and share your feedback.

How often do you visit an urgent care center for minor medical care? What are the primary reasons for choosing an urgent care facility over a hospital emergency department or your doctor’s office?


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