electronic health records

Researchers review electronic health records and social media for insights on patient care

Every day thousands of people schedule medical appointments for physicals, tests and procedures. In the past, health professionals filed notes in paper charts about patient responses to medications, treatments and illnesses. Today this information is recorded electronically via computers. Researchers recently initiated a “big data” analysis project to review electronic health records, in generic form … Read Full Article

study habit

5 ways to enhance your study habits

When taking a class for personal enrichment or professional education, you want to use your study time efficiently to remember the material learned. Since most students have different learning styles, education experts recommend focusing on developing good study skills, and using tools and techniques that aid memory recall. Here are five ways to enhance your … Read Full Article

personality impact health

5 personality traits that could impact health and happiness

Certain personality traits and behavior tendencies could affect your health and happiness as you age. In a recent study, researchers at the University College London discovered five attributes, or life skills, that create positive well-being as people grow older. Five attributes 
The study involved more than 8,000 people living in the United Kingdom, ages 50 … Read Full Article

kids eat vegetables

4 ways to get kids to eat their vegetables

There’s a daily mealtime battle in many homes. Parents ask kids to eat their vegetables, but kids push them aside. After several skirmishes, many parents give up and stop putting vegetables on their kids’ plates. So, the results of a recent survey are no surprise: On most days, American children are more likely to eat … Read Full Article

avoid sleep problems with exercise

7 Tips to Avoid Sleep Problems

If you have problems sleeping, you’re not alone. About 84 million American adults don’t get enough sleep, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nearly 35 percent of adults get less than seven hours of sleep. This is the minimum needed to function well during the day and avoid the risk of high blood … Read Full Article

6 Signs of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome You Should Not Ignore

If you experience extreme fatigue that doesn’t improve with extra sleep and rest, you may be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. Usually, the disorder develops slowly and is accompanied by other unexplained health problems. Here are some symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome as featured in Reader’s Digest: Sleep exhaustion – People with chronic fatigue syndrome … Read Full Article

4 Things to Know About Artificial and Natural Flavors

Many food labels list natural and artificial flavorings in the ingredients. People often believe that natural is better, but is this accurate? Both have chemicals. The difference is in whether they come from edible or inedible sources. Here are four things to know: Natural flavors – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires natural flavors … Read Full Article