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We understand how important it is for you to provide your employees with the best dental, vision and hearing plans. It’s important to us, too. Whether working with HR directors and benefits administrators, or with brokers and producers—we’re focused on making the complicated world of benefits less complicated and more fulfilling. We invite you to explore our site and find out how we’re doing that every day.


What are Dental PPO Networks and Why are They Important?

The dental insurance industry uses many different acronyms and jargon when discussing insurance plans and dental benefits. One term frequently thrown around is “dental network” or “PPO network.” Plan members frequently wonder exactly what a PPO dental network is and why it is important to their dental benefits plan. The following information should provide some answers.

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preventive care tips for employees

Encouraging Employees to Focus on Prevention

How often do you take advantage of preventive programs to maintain or improve your health? Do you participate in wellness screenings to identify possible health concerns, consume nutritious foods and avoid those high in sugars and fats, exercise several times each week or visit the dentist at least once each year for a checkup and cleaning? Most of us have great intentions, but we need a push of encouragement to take care of ourselves.

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health care reform

Monitoring Updates on Health Care Reform

What’s the future with health care reform under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)? That is a question frequently featured in news media reports, discussed by Americans across the country and weighing heavily on the minds of business leaders as they anticipate the implications of changes to insurance benefits.

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Bottomline Benefits

Managing Benefit Costs

Results from employee surveys continually reinforce the importance of benefit packages in maintaining high levels of job satisfaction and productivity and in recruiting and retaining quality employees.

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