Employee Benefits

4 Reasons Employers Should Invest Company Savings on Employees

Whether your company is benefiting from corporate tax overhaul, growing due to a merger or acquisition, or you had a banner year in sales, consider reinvesting those earnings with your employees. Learn about some progressive ways to enhance recruitment and retention, and have a positive impact on your associates. Here are 4 reasons employers should … Read Full Article

10 keys for effective benefits communication and employee engagement

Most employees complain that the benefits enrollment process is confusing. They appreciate the benefits employers provide, but readily admit they don’t understand their plans and coverage options. A Harris Poll survey revealed that only 33 percent of employees pay attention to the benefits materials employers provide. The good news for employers is that developing a … Read Full Article

4 reasons why employers need an effective benefits strategy

When considering a new job, many prospective employees compare the position’s salary alongside the benefits package. They look for plans that will help them take care of personal and family needs. Since benefits are vital to recruiting and retaining excellent employees, consider four reasons why employers need an effective benefits strategy. Match competitors’ packages – … Read Full Article

How to Communicate Benefits to Employees: A 6-Step Strategy

Employee benefits now account for about 30 percent of employers’ total compensation spending. However, in benefits surveys employees often comment that they don’t understand their benefit choices and are not sure how to use their plans. Employers need to make sure they have an effective benefits communication strategy in place to help employees become familiar … Read Full Article

BenefitEd Helps Employees Repay Student Loans and Save for College

Hiring talented workers can be a challenging task for many employers, and retaining them can be just as daunting. Many people today are looking for employers that offer growth opportunities, show appreciation for workers’ contributions and provide contemporary benefits, such as assistance in repaying student loans. Embracing the challenge Nelnet is one employer that is … Read Full Article

employees can stretch their health benefits

4 ways employees can stretch their health benefits

Often, employees enroll in medical insurance plans for protection against unpredictable events, sudden illness or serious health concerns that may result in expensive medical bills. Getting the most from your benefits requires understanding coverages and deductibles, as well as taking advantage of voluntary benefits, like dental, vision and hearing, to stay healthy and save money. … Read Full Article


3 Ways to Communicate the Value of Employee Benefits

Private sector businesses spend 31 percent of employee compensation budgets on benefits. However, many employees don’t appreciate or understand the value of the benefits plans provided. They believe compensation and benefits cost much less than the actual investment. Interestingly, many employees look at the quality of benefits when considering whether to stay with their current … Read Full Article

5 Things Employees Should Ask When Reviewing Health Benefits

Benefits enrollment can be overwhelming. Ease employees’ concerns by sharing tips for evaluating plans. Here are five questions to ask when evaluating health benefits: 1. How much coverage do I need? – Review your health needs and those of your dependents. Determine what type of medical services may be needed in the coming year, including … Read Full Article

5 Ways Student Loan Debt Impacts the Economy

The United States economy impacts financial markets, businesses and people worldwide. Many factors can stimulate economic growth or create a downturn. Currently, one significant burden is the $1.3 trillion Americans owe for student loans. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York reports that student loan debt has grown more than auto loan, credit card and … Read Full Article

high deductible

5 Things to Know Before Enrolling in a High-Deductible Health Plan

High-deductible health insurance plans have become a popular choice for American employers and employees wanting to control health care costs. While these plans have low monthly premiums, employees can pay more out of pocket for medical costs before insurance kicks in. Here are five things to know before enrolling in a high-deductible plan: Understand insurance … Read Full Article